The K Series 

Mechanical powder presses from Komage:
Long-lasting, reasonably priced and highly efficient

The mechanical powder presses of the K Series from Komage have been used successfully in global markets for decades. Their durable, robust mechanics combined with the latest control and safety technology are highly valued. So the powder presses of the K Series, for example, are the most widely used standard machines worldwide in the production of carbon brushes. With the integrated cable scissor unit (press-in and cutting device for cables) they have set standards in the productivity of sliding contacts. 
The K Series from Komage is particularly efficient for this – and is also well-known as a competitively priced powder press system. With a pressing force of 50 - 500 kN, the powder presses of the K Series are extremely flexible and perfectly equipped for the requirements of continuous use. All powder presses of the K Series operate based on the withdrawal principle.

Advantages of the K Series

  • Purely mechanical design with eccentric cam as the drive for the top punch movement
  • Short setup times and simple operation
  • High stroke rates
  • Automatic fill correction
  • Pressing to height (position)
  • Pressing to density (force)
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Above-average length of service life

Special accessories
of the K Series

  • Special devices for manufacturing carbon brushes
  • Applied load unit for crack-free demolding
  • (spring, pneumatic or hydraulic)
  • Gripper adjustment for the removal of pressed parts.
  • Adaptor for fast tool change
  • Product-specific filling devices
  • Top punch pusher for pushing off pressed parts with divided punches
  • Hydraulic die counterforce
  • Pressure equalization (identical density with several cavities) on the top and bottom punch
  • Individual equipment options according to customer requirements 
  • Exchangeable underfill cams

Pressing methods of the K Series: 

  • Shifting of the press neutral into any area by forcibly moving the die
  • Free floating die
  • Unilateral pressing from above
  • Unilateral pressing from below
  • Monitoring functions for protecting tool and machine
  • Quality control
  • Freely programmable switching points for all additional equipment (applied load, gripper, belt, etc.
  • Automatic fill correction according to height and force

Technical specifications 
of the K Series

K SeriesK6K15K30K50
Pressing force (kN)50150300500
Withdrawal force (kN)2040100100
Eccentric stroke (mm)110140200200
Stroke rate up to min-110-608-355-155-15
Filling depth (mm)50788080
Die counterforce (kN)20258080