Support of the project week of the Realschule Plus Kell


As the first action since the announcement of the educational partnership, Komage has accompanied the project week of the grades 5 - 8, under the direction of Mrs. Trierweiler. Even though we, as a mechanical engineering company, mainly deal with the processing of metal, we were happy to support the 60 students in the creative construction of the seating groups (made of Euro pallets). For this purpose, the raw material was sanded by hand by the students, then partially disassembled with jigsaws and hand-held circular saws, and finally rearranged and screwed together again. We enthusiastically followed how the students detached themselves from the daily school routine and were committed to helping the project succeed. On the second day, the benches were given a protective wood stain and paint and given their final finish. The benches are now available to all students of the Realschule plus.