Review to the Ceramics Expo in Cleveland


After a great response at the trade fair, Komage is now starting to review the many discussions that have taken place at Ceramics Expo. Our sales team was pleased about the strong interest in automation solutions we provided directly and develop in-house.Currently the subcontracting industry seems to be repositioning itself and is replacing outdated machinery with new systems with a higher efficiency. Komage had already sold many machines to the United States in the 1960s, with a large share of series K mechanical presses. The machines produced for longevity are still in different production locations today. Such automatic presses will now be successively replaced by the new mechanical-electric KE series - a step into the future and the right path for efficient production. The Komage sales team in the United States enjoyed the show and Komage will be back with a booth next year to convince customers from all over the world of high-performance presses from the Hochwald region.

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