Bicycle tour Hunsrück-Mosel 13.07.2018


The other day we had the opportunity to ride a bicycle with some of our colleagues. The route over bike, field and forest roads with a total distance of about 140km we have made in under 8h. We filmed everything, but to save you an 8 hour video, we cut it down to 2 minutes together.

The route followed the bike path to Hermeskeil, then & nbsp; we went via Abbey, Geisfeld, Drohn and Leiwen to Mehring. After rest in Schweich we followed the Kylltal-Radweg to Ramstein Castle. Along the trail over the bridges and the mine, we went up to the castle. Then through the Trierer valley back to the Ruwer-Hochwald-Radweg and over Sommerau and Zerf back to Kell am See.

Here is the video

Bicycle tour on Youtube

If you want to follow our tour, here is the itinerary: