The Erbeskopf Marathon in Thalfang


The Erbeskopf Marathon in Thalfang is an established event and is known to all cyclists in the region. With five challenging tracks from 30km to 170km, it is an ambitious ride for every cyclist. That explains the participation of more than 500 people.

The day started cloudy and we were afraid it would begin to rain, however, the sun decided to take over and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Thus, the best weather for the route including paved passages, corridors over fields and gravel paths with less than 80cm in width. After long climbs you were rewarded with fast, sometimes technically demanding trails. With times between 2h and 2h 40min all team members have set personal best times.

Thanks also to all helpers and marshals who stood ready for our safety. A successful event and a great Sunday.

Here is a video of the track: