Powder Presses for individualists – Made in Germany

Komage has been developing and producing press technology and peripheral systems for a wide range of industries and industrial applications for more than 114 years. 
The company’s press systems rely on mechanical, hydraulic and electric drives. Where it's possible to combine the strengths of different drive concepts, they are used together.
In spite of their very different design layouts, Komage powder presses have one thing in common: The pressing forces of our powder presses are freely configurable. 

No ready-made solutions: We engineer to your individual requirements.

Unlike the presses of competitors with fixed and therefore unalterable performance data, our developments can be individually customized to your production requirements at any time.

We call this individual engineering.

This variability provides you with a huge number of options for responding flexibly during the forming process. As a result, we can meet our customers' high requirements for cost-efficient, assured-quality production both now and in the future, and safeguard their competitive edge under increasing cost pressure. 

Komage powder presses:


Completely customer-oriented:
From the first press trials to after-sales support

The strong emphasis on service at every stage of collaboration makes working with Komage something special: From technical consulting to joint process development, performance of press trials to fast delivery of spare and replacement parts. Project-related teams of employees from our specialized departments take over everything from project planning and order processing to after-sales support. Flat hierarchies ensure fast processing and optimum communication between our experts and decision-makers on the customer's side. 

A significant advantage that customers all over the world appreciate.


110 years of compressed experience

"The experience that Komage has acquired over the decades is one of the most valuable assets in the company – and it's this that our customers know and appreciate."

Margit Gellner-May, CEO Komage

Knowledge management is one of the company's key tasks. This particularly includes regular in-house and external training and continuous professional development. The family-owned business managed by Ms. Margit Gellner-May is appreciated particularly for its flat hierarchies, short and fast processing paths, and efficient communication between experts and decision-makers. 


Extremely versatile

Komage has functional, economically impressive solutions for all common industrial powder press applications. Among other things, our presses are used for processing ferrites, tungsten carbide, iron powder, ceramics, carbon, polymers and salt, as well as for manufacturing refractory products, abrasives, dental ceramics, and they are also used in powder metallurgy.

Some of the industries in which Komage powder presses are used: 

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry 
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Aerospace industry