SE Series:

The electro-hyrostatic powder presses of the SE series save up to 65% of energy costs, as well as valuable production space.

The KOMAGE GRE3N Line SE Series is the new standard for tomorrow's requirements.

The SE series is the latest addition to the KOMAGE GRE3N line. It is the solution that combines higher tonnage, lower energy consumption and flexibility. The result is an energy-efficient, space-saving and low-maintenance system that makes no compromises. The solution is designed in such a way that our customers can continue to benefit from the KOMAGE pressing philosophy, in a sustainable way. Due to their versatility, the powder presses of the KOMAGE GRE3N Line SE series are equally suitable for the production of simple geometries in large quantities as well as for highly complex part geometries. For the SE series, KOMAGE has developed optimized variants for applications in the areas of tungsten carbide and dental ceramics. These tried and tested configurations have proven particularly effective in the areas mentioned, but can still be further adapted to customer requirements. Each powder press of the KOMAGE GRE3N Line SE series is a system that can be precisely tailored to individual customer needs.

New highlights of


  • Electro-hydrostatic drive system
  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 65% compared to a comparable hydraulic solution
  • Less energy required to move the axes
  • Use of peak shaving process
  • Reduction of the required cooling capacit
  • Reduction of the required floor space by eliminating the hydraulic drive part
  • Small ecological footprint
  • Low maintenance costs

New electro-hydrostatic drive concept

The new electro-hydrostatic drive concept from KOMAGE enables energy consumption to be reduced by up to 65%. This huge saving is achieved without sacrificing the performance, precision and versatility of the press.


  • When the cylinder moves, only oil - almost without pressure - is "pumped" from one side of the cylinder to the other.
  • High pressure is built up only when needed
  • No loss of control valves as positioning is performed directly by the pump

energy management system

This function is available with the GRE3N Line SE series and ensures a further reduction in energy consumption and a reduction in the connected load. The solution is based on the following features:

  • recuperation
  • Storage of the recovered energy in order to be able to retrieve it at power peaks
  • Increasing the intermediate circuit capacity with capacitors
  • peak shaving


We can compact all types of ceramics and all compressible powder materials. The possibilities are almost endless and are usually only limited by the properties of the powder compositions. With our many years of experience in developing product specific solutions, especially tailor-made powder feeding systems, we will find the right solution for any challenge.

Advantages of
ejection process

The ejection process offers additional advantages compared to the deduction process, such as:

  • 100% pressing force on the upper and lower pressing axis
  • The ejection force is up to 100% of the pressing force
  • The height of the die table is fixed - this simplifies the creation of a press program and the integration of a pressed part handling
  • Independent pressure relief is possible for each axis during demolding in both directions as there are no fixed stops
  • Maximum flexibility when filling for optimal filling density distribution
  • Less powder segregation due to purely horizontal movement of the filling device

Main features 

  • Electro-hydrostatically driven axles, without fixed stops
  • Press force from 50 to 12,000 kN
  • All press and additional axes are driven in closed control loops
  • Modular design – with the option of additionally integrating cross press axes and filling devices
  • Ejection (recommended) or trigger principle
  • Suitable for simple parts with a high number of strokes through to parts with a high level of complexity

Advantages of
GRE3N Line Series SE

The ejection process offers additional advantages compared to the deduction process, such as:

  • Prestressed 4-column press frame with high rigidity
  • Greatly reduced energy consumption through electro-hydrostatic drive system
  • High positioning accuracy and reproducibility
  • Pressing on force or position
  • Possibility to press multilayer parts
  • Easy integration into existing customer processes
  • Unmatched versatility
  • TURN-KEY-SOLUTIONS available: Seamless integration between press and  pressed part handling

Your options

In addition to the basic machine, Komage also offers you the option of pre-configured systems that include assemblies that have been developed specifically for the respective industry:

The SE-DT is a press system specially developed for the production of zirconium dioxide blanks in dental ceramics.

The SE-TC is a press system developed for the production of indexable inserts with high stroke rates and maximum accuracy.

Komage also has more than 25 years of experience in the technology of multi-layer filling and also has a suitable system for this, the SE-ML.

Customer Care

Service in every phase of the cooperation is one of the KOMAGE success factors: from detailed advice on joint process development through the implementation of press tests to the fast delivery of replacement and wearing parts.