S Series from Komage: 
Flexible and powerful

The powder presses of the S Series are the most powerful and most flexible press systems made by Komage. The high-performance hydraulic presses operate by the ejection principle and are available with pressing forces from 50 kN to 12,000 kN and a maximum of 9 controlled pressing axes.
Due to their versatility, the powder presses of the S Series are equally suitable for the production of simple part geometries in large numbers and also for highly complex pressing tasks.

The powder presses of the S Series offer a special level of flexibility in their use due to their modular design. This means that it is not necessary to select the performance range and number of pressing axes from predetermined models, as they can be individually adapted to the task to be fulfilled. The same applies to the design of other elementary machine components such as tool clamping, filling system and additional axes. The actual press frame is only adapted constructively once the chosen configuration is set.

Thus every S Series powder press manufactured by Komage is a variable powder press system which is tailored precisely to the customer's individual requirements.

S Series:
Total freedom

In addition to customer-specific adaptation of the press system, Komage attaches great importance to the free design of the entire motion sequence. As a result, not only the movements of the pressing axes are freely programmable but also all the additional axes and automation functions.
Unlike many presses available on the market, the press systems of the S Series enable even greater levels of freedom in the motion sequence due to the consistent absence of mechanical fixed stops. Thus the end position of the pressing axes does not have to be adjusted mechanically but is held in position solely by hydraulics during the pressing process.
It is possible to specifically compensate spring-back effects in tool and pressed part as the movements during expansion of the pressure on the compact are not limited in one direction by fixed stops. This prevents cracks from forming in the pressed part. When programming the motion sequence, there is a choice between KOMPART, the automatic program generator, and the free Komage table programming.

S Series:
Advantages of the ejection principle

Further advantages result from the ejection principle. Particular mention should be made of the constant removal height, excellent options for automation and a reduced risk of powder segregation. Furthermore, compared to the withdrawal principle, the entire press force is available for demolding the pressed parts. The consistent absence of mechanical fixed stops means that, unlike many competitors, Komage is able to implement the ejection principle free from fixed stops even in multi-level presses.

S Series:
System-based diversity

For the S Series, dedicated versions are available for applications in the tungsten carbide (see cross presses) and dental ceramics sectors. These are tested configurations which have proven themselves particularly in the industries mentioned but which can still be adapted customer-specifically.

S Series:
Other features

As with every press system from Komage, user interface and software can also be individually tailored to the customer's requirements using a proven standard as the starting point. In addition, an appropriate automation solution (handling) with numerous functions can be supplied for any pressing task.