Resume Ceramitec 2015


A strong team with great performance

The exhibition booth with 120 square footage, specially designed for the trade show appearance by KOMAGE, significantly stood out from the other booths at the fair. Classy white as base color with matching wood tones in chalked-up gray as contrast and eye-catcher the colors green and blue. In this stylish atmosphere, KOMAGE introduced its products and innovations to customers, interested parties and various associations. Tasty dishes and drinks enhanced a relaxed ambience, perfect for interesting and informative discussions.

In step with the time, two press systems were presented: the newly developed KE- Press model, combining the advantages of mechanical drives with the efficiency of electric drives and the pure electrical press of our E-series.

The unique feature of the E-presses by KOMAGE is based on the ejection method. This has multiple advantages over the withdrawal method. Notable energy savings and low space requirements characterize both press systems.