72-hour campaign in Kell and Waldweiler


As part of the 72-hour campaign initiated by the BDKJ and its regional associations, the ideas for social projects between last Thursday and Sunday were put into practice.

Thus, at the nursing home in Kell am See, a herb garden including an insect hotel was built and the park on the slope was cleared of overgrowth and redesigned. Here, two dozen young people had come together to create a pleasant ambience for the residents. As an action godmother, Margit Gellner-May had agreed to support the youth with words and deeds and to support the campaign with a generous donation.

In the immediate vicinity of Kell, in Waldweiler, another group of young people built a public barbecue area with a terrace. The hexagonal pavilion is home to the grill so food can be prepared even in bad weather. The course is located directly on the dream loop "Hochwald-Acht" and is therefore also interesting for hikers and will invite you to linger. Here, too, Komage has sponsored a large box full of the energizing isotonic drinks for the many helpers. On Sunday, the place was dedicated by Pastor Quirin.