Welcome to the virtual Ceramics Expo Connect Event 2020



Contact us and open a chat with us. Our sales and technical staff will answer your questions and give you an insight into our latest developments.Do you have a specific application or an inquiry about a possible improvement of existing processes in your production? We will be happy to help you and show you new possibilities that are available with the high-performance powder presses and which automation options you can expect from Komage.


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Talk to our sales team in individual chat rooms according to your needs and language, for maximum of 1hour. You can discuss themes you interested in, exchange data and so on. Just click on the link and wait for the presenter/sales agent confirmation to enter the chat. Please keep request tab open until you get invited, otherwise your request will be cancled.


Thomas Kranz - DE/EN - jeden Tag von 9-12 Uhr (MESZ)

Chatroom Germany


Antonio Costa - EN/ESP/ITA - jeden Tag von 12-15 Uhr (MESZ)

Chatroom Spain


Matthias West - EN/DE -  jeden Tag von 15-18 Uhr (MESZ)

Chatroom Amerika





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